BGWA services and other activities

• Services related with the process of prospecting, exploration, abstraction, use and protection of groundwater and geothermal water;
• Support for drilling and building surveying, monitoring and operating wells, pipes and wells, drainage and spring catchments;
• Support in concessions, development and utilization of deposits of fresh, mineral and industrial groundwater and geothermal energy fields;
• Support for the environmental impact assessment of groundwater mining, industrial, utilities and other sources of pollution and the development of measures for monitoring and recovery of the quality of groundwater;
Support for dredging and drainage areas of land, construction and mining sites affected by the harmful effects of groundwater;
• Promotion activities of the association and increase the professional competence of professionals working in the field;
• Assistance in solving trade disputes in the field area;
·    Providing public information and implementation of educational initiatives in the field of groundwater;

·    Publishing manuals, instructions, methodologies, scientific journals and other publications related to groundwater and geothermal water, organizing seminars, conferences, etc.

·    Providing consultancy in the field;

·    Assisting in students education in the field related disciplines;

·    Promotion of activities related to the management and use of groundwater and geothermal water;

·    Participation in projects through partnerships, funded by the European Structural Funds