The use of mineral water in Bulgaria is far below capacity. The territory of Bulgaria is rich in geothermal water, where temperature range is from 20oC -100oC. About 43% of the total flow rates are waters of temperature between 40oC- 60oC. The total dynamic flow rate of sub-thermal and thermal waters runs up to 4600 l/s.

There is stagnation in the development, monitoring and management of the geothermal water sector in Bulgaria for the last few decades. There is a lack of harmonization between the frameworks of management, monitoring and development at the national level in Bulgaria and the same framework and efforts exhibited by the other European Union states.

There is significant lack of financial resources for research, development, management, monitoring and maintenance of geothermal water sector in Bulgaria. Yet the expert potential and human resources in this area is available in Bulgaria, open for sharing in development, education, training and exchange of good practices.